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Ever dreamed of one day creating your very own video learning course? Want to share your skills and knowledge with a global audience? We make that possible.

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Empower students worldwide and expand their knowledge through your expertise. Grow minds, encourage new skill sets and allow them to explore new hobbies in your chosen field of excellence. We makes courses easy to create and make live in a matter of minutes.

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Give your learners the academy they deserve. Create your own online video learning courses, inspire students to learn and join an engaged community of other content creators. Together, we can make learning accessible to the world.

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Earn a residual income by creating online video courses and monetizing your expertise. Each time a student purchases your course, we pay you on a monthly basis. The freedom is yours.

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It all starts with you. Map out your course plan, content and module structure in any shape or form. Whether it’s in your favorite notebook, your at-home classroom or on your whiteboard – this time is for you to get creative with course planning!


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